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  • 3DK-org-update

    3DK.org update

    Jun 25: 3DK.org got some urgent updates:
    - Quick reply added to the forum
    - Shoutbox length increased to 255
    Next update on the list:
    - Forum attachments
    Stay tuned, yours 3DK.org-Team

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  • Maxwell-Render-1-7

    Maxwell Render 1.7

    Jun 20: Next Limit Technologies is proud to announce the release of an update for its revolutionary rendering software: Maxwell Render version 1.7. This latest update offers several new and vastly improved features...

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  • Artist-Profile-John-Gatea

    Artist Profile: John Gatea

    Jun 20: John Gaeta channels his unique perspective on experimental photography and CG into filmmaking like no one has seen before. You won't believe your eyes - check it out!

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  • Podcast-5-Pigeon-Impossible-

    Podcast #5: "Pigeon: Impossible."

    Jun 18: Who can tell me what's wrong with the eyes in this picture? The 5th episode of the Pigeon: Impossible, podcast from Lucas Martell gives the answer! This time you will get usefull hints on how to create good looking eyes. As usual funny and helpful!

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  • Tutorial-Making-of-Prince-NyTael

    Tutorial: Making of Prince NyTael

    Jun 17: Malanjo, from 3dtotal, spent his rare freetime to write an excellent Making-Of article about his latest masterpiece: Prince NyTael. Software used: 3d Studio MAX and ZBrush...

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  • Interview-with-Aaron-Sims

    Interview with Aaron Sims

    Jun 17: XSI Base posted a must-read-interview: Character and concept designer Aaron Sims talks about what it means to setup you own studio, the new challenges and what he learned from VFX legends Stan Winston and Rick Baker...

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  • Tutorial-Procedural-Carpaint

    Tutorial: Procedural Carpaint

    Jun 17: Anselm von Seherr – Thoß wrote a short but good tutorial on how to use After Effects, a post-production-tool, to create stunning effects. It's a small people tutorial on procedural carpaint using 3d Studio MAX and After Effects. Definitely worth a look!

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  • Podcast-4-Pigeon-Impossible-

    Podcast #4: "Pigeon: Impossible."

    Jun 15: 4th podacst from Lucas Martell is available! In this episode of the Pigeon: Impossible podcast, Lucas reveals a few tricks to help speed up the lighting process. As usual he presents and teaches his work in a funny and "easy-to-follow" way. Don't miss it!!

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  • Tutorial-Next-Gen-Vehicle-Creation

    Tutorial: Next Gen Vehicle Creation

    Jun 15: Once again, 3dtotal published a detailed tutorial! This time Valentin Nadolu presents a method of creating a next gen vehicle asset. The difficulty level is medium, so to better understand and use this tutorial, the reader needs to have a basic understanding of the processes involved in modelling and texturing an object in Maya...

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  • Interview-Designing-the-Incredible-Hulk

    Interview: Designing the Incredible Hulk

    Jun 15: XSIBase had the honour to interview the character designer Aaron Sims. He talks about the production process of The Incredible Hulk and the creative decisions behind the look of the Hulk and Abomination...

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