• By Christian Zürcher

    Posted by PiLe at 2002-09-17 10:31:57 with 3258 reads.

    Check out this great animation which was made by Christian Zürcher ! You wont regret I promise you... I've replayed it for more then 10 times when I watched it for the first time. Duration: 1:13 minutes...

  • Login Problems

    Posted by hp at 2002-09-15 17:33:52 with 0 reads.

    The login problems are gone now. It took a while but they are gone now. Everything is here, and now you can do whatever you did before. Also the shoutbox problem has been fixed.

  • 3ds max: Drop Shadow On Background

    Posted by Smasher at 2002-09-15 17:24:50 with 4598 reads.

    Drop shadow on your background. Using Matte/Shadow Material.

  • 3ds max: Wire To Solid

    Posted by Smasher at 2002-09-03 07:29:12 with 3484 reads.

    Make transition from solid to wired picture using 3DS Max and Photoshop...

  • Animatrix

    Posted by PiLe at 2002-09-02 09:13:20 with 2495 reads.

    This first preview trailer is roughly 30 seconds. It is designed to let those unfamiliar with The Animatrix learn of the project's existence, and find out that all nine episodes will be released on DVD and video...

  • The Lord of the Rings

    Posted by PiLe at 2002-09-01 07:26:12 with 2603 reads.

    The teaser trailer for the second episodes of "The Lord of the Rings"...

    Source: Pocket movies

  • Free domain name and free hosting !!!

    Posted by PiLe at 2002-08-31 13:22:27 with 0 reads.

    Hey you all web developers. I've got mail from my friend Ademir, and he told me about this special offer of FREE domain com/net/org and free hosting with NO BANNER ADS...

  • Happy birthday hp !

    Posted by PiLe at 2002-08-31 05:13:25 with 0 reads.

    Happy birthday Hamid (hp). Now you can buy us a good hosting plan ;)

  • Monsters inc. presents "Mike's new car"

    Posted by PiLe at 2002-08-30 09:25:04 with 2214 reads.

    Take a look at Monsters inc. trailer of the new short animated movie "Mike's New Car"...

  • ZBrush 1.5 is now available!

    Posted by PiLe at 2002-08-29 21:18:07 with 0 reads.

    ZBrush1.5 provides you with exciting new 2D and 3D tools and functions, as well as all the award-winning features already found in ZBrush 1.23b.

    Source: 3dm-mc

  • Animatrix coming to DVD/Video

    Posted by PiLe at 2002-08-29 15:41:19 with 2102 reads.

    Animatrix coming 2003 to DVD/Video, is a whole new way to look inside the Matrix. Take a look at this awesome trailer...

    Source: CGMatrix-3D

  • An interview with: Francisco Cortina

    Posted by PiLe at 2002-08-28 10:22:29 with 1851 reads.

    Modeler extraordinaire: Francisco Cortina (Part of Final Fantasy team), takes us behind the scenes and gives in-depth explanations on how he achieves CG character excellence...

    Source: 3D Festival

  • 3D Club

    Posted by PiLe at 2002-08-27 20:34:31 with 2167 reads.

    We've opened a Club at and it's only for visitors who speaks Bosnian language...

  • Wireless animation is sneaking up on many of us

    Posted by PiLe at 2002-08-26 15:14:33 with 0 reads.

    The world of wireless animation is sneaking up on many of us. Christopher Harz outlines the current state of the industry, its players and its potential...

    Source: CGMatrix-3D

  • We've moved to a new server

    Posted by PiLe at 2002-08-25 19:59:04 with 2003 reads.

    The site has been down since 25th of July. Fortunately, we haven't lost any content. The reason why the site was down is that MySQL was shut down, and since our site depends on MySQL, it wasn't working. Now, month after, we've finaly moved to a new server and it works again :) We have to say thanks to our member alias|wavefront who is also our new sponsor for hosting. If you've managed to open a site and register in this downtime period (25th July - 25th August), please register again because we weren't able to make a backup of MySQL database.

    Thank you,

    3D Team

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