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This tutorial will teach you how to make a simple laser beam in 3ds max...

Before you start anything, run max and reset the scene.

1) First step is to make a Sphere (Sphere Object), name it sphere and center it so it is in the middle of everything (Top, Front, Left, Perspective). Adjust the parameters as below:
Radius: 30
Segments: 32
Check Smooth.

2) Second step is insert Target Directional Light into the scene and make it go through the sphere like in the picture above. Name it laser and choose read as the light color and other parameters should be like this:
General Parameters:
Multiplier: 4.5

Directional Parameters:
Hotspot: 1
Falloff: 3
Check Circle
Atmospheres Effects:
Add / Volume Light
Check Volume Light and click on Setup.

3) In third step you'll adjust the type of effect on laser in detail. Because this is a beginner tutorial I didn't want to compliĀƒ`te things, so I made just one type of laser. Adjust the parameters like this:

Here is a rendered picture with some extras. If you did everything the way you should, you should get the same laser beam.

In this scene I also used Ray Trace, so I got the effect of the concave mirror. If you want to know how to get this effect e-mail me. If I get a lot of e-mails on the matter I'll make a tutorial for Ray Trace. I hope that you've learned how to create an laser beam so you can use this skill on other ways. I used this laser effect with one of mine art works which you can get here. Look at how real this effect can be !

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