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This tutorial will show you how to create a hole in the object.

Lets say that you have a wall of some room. And now you want to create a window. That is very easy. You don't need to cut walls in smaller pieces. All you need to do is to create an object which is size of your imaginare window that you want to use, and to apply an "Boolean Compound Object". How ? Read on...! This is very easy

If you are doing this for the first time, please folow these steps and instructions !

1. Reset the sceene. Now, create an wall with free hand using perspective port. Name it "wall". Set the parameters of "wall" by clicking on "Modify" section

Length = 10.0
Width = 100.0
Height = 50.0

Length seg. = 10
Width seg. = 10
Height seg. = 10

2. Create another object using perspective port too. Name it "window". It must be smaller than a "wall" object. Set parameters:

Length = 30
Width = 30
Height = 20

Length seg. = 10
With seg. = 10
Height seg. = 10

Set the position of "window" using the other ports (Top, Front, Left) so it is in the horizontal and vertical middle of the "wall". This should look like this:

3. Now you need to select "wall" object and go to menu "Compound Object" and select "Boolean" (If you don't know how, check the tips & tricks - Help menu with "y" button). Set the settings like this:

Pick boolean - select "Move"
Display - select "Result"
Operands: A: Wall
Operation: Substraction (A-B)

And when you do this, click on "Pick Operand B", and click on the "window" (pink object). This is what you get :

And here is rendered example with texture:

I hope that you liked this tutorial and found it interesting and usefull. For the end, I suppouse that some of you done this by following my steps, and now you want to apply some texture like I did. Well, if you are beginner in 3ds max, you might find some difficult problems with UVW Maping Modifier. You need to know how to use this to apply texture to such object as, in this case, "wall". Good Luck !

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