Depth of Field (3ds max 4)

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This easy tutorial will teach you how to create a depth of field (Camera FX). This effect
will make your art work or animation much more realistic.

For this tutorial, you'll use 2 objects: box and sphere, and one camera (Target Camera).

Let's start:

1) Create box and sphere on some certan distance by using Top port. It should look like something like this:

2) Insert Target Camera so it looks like on the image...

...and then I suggest that you chose Camera01 port instead of the Front port. It will help you to set the position of the camera.

3) Third step is about modifying camera settings. First select the camera by using one of the three default ports (Top, Left, Perspective), and click on the button modify.

Then click on the button 85mm in the Stock Lenses. Default is 43.456mm.
After that, scroll down and check Enable in Multi-Pass Effect and selectDepth of Field (Main thing in this tutorial).
Now, in Target Distance field, which is under Multi-Pass Effect, write distance so the Camera is reaching only first object. Any object (in this case box) which is in that distance, will be perfectly rendered. Everything behind or in front of the box will be blured because of the "Depth of filed" effect.

4) When you done this, I suggest that you set backgroundimage in Camera01 port. Go to the Rendering/Environment, then click on the Environment Map button. Chose Water image (Comes on 3ds max 4 CD). If you don't have it, chose anything else.

5) And, at the end, when you've done all this stuff, all you need to do now is to render image.First select Camera01 port, go to the Rendering/Render. You can set resolution (default is 640 x 480), and click Render. You should get something like this if you've folowed my steps.

Please write comments if you've read this tutorial. Thanks !

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